Readux is the product of ongoing collaboration between several departments including the Library Software Engineering Team, the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, the Large Scale Digitization Initiative and includes materials from the Robert W. Woodruff Library and Pitts Theology Library. A complete list of contributors can be found in the credits below.



Publications, Presentations, and Citations

Software Developed

Readux was designed to access digitized book content is stored in a Fedora Commons repository. Custom plugins were written for annotator.js to support rich text formatting, displaying notes in the margin, and selecting and annotating portions of images. The text of volumes with page-level access has been converted from various OCR XML formats into TEI facsimile in order to provide positional text information, which is transparently overlaid on page images for selection and annotation.

Software libraries spun off from the Readux codebase:


Readux depends on many open-source technologies and libraries.