Verani, Gaetano Felice, 1647 or 1648-1713.; Wening, Michael, 1645-1718, engraver.; Jäcklin, Johann, active 1656-1710, printer.

Collection: Early Northern European Books

Publisher: Monachii : Typis Joannis Jaecklini ...

  • The online edition of this book in the public domain, i.e., not protected by copyright, has been produced by the Emory University Libraries. Thirty-six emblematic engravings, the first signed by Michael Wening after C.A. Woodcut head- and tail-pieces, initials. Signatures: pi1 )(² a⁴(-a1) b-x⁴ y⁸(y8 blank). First edition of a baroque emblem book commemorating the death of the Elector of Bavaria, Ferdinand Maria (1636-1679) called "the peace-loving" ("der Friedliebende"), which is dedicated to his successor Maximilian II Emanuel. The fine large engravings of emblems were etched by the Elector's court engraver, Michael Wenig (1645-1718), after designs by the eminent painter and architect, Cosmas Damian Asam (1686-1742), who was responsible (along with his sons) with a good deal of the baroque artwork supplied to churches in Bavaria and Switzerland. The subjects depicted run a wide range of subjects including; animals (eagles, lions, elephants, etc.), landscape (mountains, gardens, etc.), weather (sun, stars, lightning, etc.) and man made symbols (pyramids, gems, etc.); each with a Latin motto across the top and within very elaborate baroque frames. Praz notes a rare variant issue, unknown to Landwehr, which has a portrait and folding plate (not present here). Pitts Theology Library copy formerly owned by, Ferdinand Maria Franz Freiherr von Neuhaus (1655-1716) Grand Chamberlain of Elector Maximilian II and the lawyer, legal writer and criminal law reformer Karl Ferdinand Hommel (1722-1781). Citation/References Note: Landwehr, J. German emblem books, 620. Praz, M. Studies in seventeenth-century imagery (2nd ed.), p. 527.