Bellori, Giovanni Pietro, 1613-1696.; Bartoli, Pietro Santi, 1635-1700, engraver.; Rossi, Giovanni Giacomo de, 1627-1691, printer.; Buagni, Giovanni Francesco, printer.

Collection: Views of Rome

Publisher: Romae : Ad Templum Sanctae de Mariae de Pace

  • The online edition of this book in the public domain, i.e., not protected by copyright, has been produced by the Emory University Digital Library Publications Program. Colophon on verso of leaf 19 reads: Romæ, M. DC. XC. Ex typographia Io: Francici de Buagnis. Twenty-four of the plates are double but numbered as one leaf. Twenty-nine of the plates drawn and engraved by Pietro Santi Bartoli.