Meijer, Cornelis, b. approximately 1640.; Varese, Lazzari, active 1664-1684, printer.; Innocent XI, Pope, 1611-1689, dedicatee.; Bailliu, Barend de, 1641- engraver.; Blondeau, Jacques, 1655-1698, engraver.; Collin, Io., active 1682-1685, engraver.; Denner, Balthasar, 1685-1749, engraver.; Falda, Giovanni Battista, approximately 1640-1678, engraver.; Honoratus Polustinus, Io. Bapt. (Ioannes Baptista), engraver.; Wittel, Gaspar van, 1652 or 1653-1736, engraver.; Wouters, Gomar, 1649- engraver.; Candler, Charles Howard, 1878-1957, former owner.

Collection: Views of Rome

Publisher: In Roma : Nella stamperia della Reuerenda Camera Apostolica

  • The online edition of this book in the public domain, i.e., not protected by copyright, has been produced by the Emory University Digital Library Publications Program. Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library copy has armorial bookplate of Charles Howard Candler. Contents: 1. Gl'impedimenti che sono nell'alueo del Teuere da Roma à Perugia, e suoi rimedij -- 2. Le difficoltà che sono nella nauigatione del Teuere da Roma sino al mare, e suoi rimedij -- 3. Nella quale si discorre perche Roma è stata fabricata, e mantenuta sù le sponde del Teuere, e si tratta d'alcun'altre propositioni proficue per lo stato ecclesiastico. General Note: Added dedicatory title page, with engraved illustration. Dedicated to Pope Innocent XI. "In Roma, Nella Stamperia del Lazzari Varese. MDCLXXXV."--Colophon. "Osservazioni delle comete che dovranno segvire, e dell'ecclisse del primo satellite di Giove, et altre propositioni proficue da farsi per commodo & ornamento della città ..." on p. [181]-[186] has separate t.p. with imprint: In Roma. MDCXCVI. Nella Stamparia di Gio: Giacomo Komarek Boëmo alla Fontana di Treui. Engraved illustrations by Meyer himself, Barend de Ballin, Jacques Blondeau, Io. Collin, Giovanni Battista Falda, Gaspar van Wittel, and B. Denning. The engravings include views of Rome at the end of the 17th century, as well as of Ancona, Ostia, the Fano country, and Pisa. Contents note from title page. Summary: Work by the Dutch-born hydraulic engineer and inventor who successfully effected the restitution of the Tiber. In three parts, the first section of L'Arte is devoted to the navigation of the Tiber. Meyer diagnosed four main problems: (1) excessive width and shallows in some parts of the river caused by erosion; (2) excessive rapidity of flow; (3) natural and man-made litter clogging the bed; and (4) the number of weirs or dams along the navigable part of the channel. Meyer's solution was to build fascine walls -- long familiar in his native Holland along the most exposed areas -- to canalize and deepen the river, and to use inclined planes for hauling up boats, and locks to overcome falls and weirs. Part II treats the stretch of the Tiber between Rome and the Tyrrhenian Sea, advocating the protection of the river's mouth with a system of locks, and describing a number of devices to raise sunken ships and carry out underwater excavation. Part III covers the draining of the Pontine marshes (illustrated with a map engraved by Giovanni Battista Falda), and describes a large number of hydrostatic devices.