Sadeler, Ægidius, 1568-1629.

Collection: Views of Rome

Publisher: Rome : Si stampano in Roma da Gio. Iacomo de Rossi ...

  • The online edition of this book in the public domain, i.e., not protected by copyright, has been produced by the Emory University Digital Library Publications Program. Engraved, illustrated t.p. Dedication (plate 1) signed: Ægidio Sadeler; plates: Marco Sadeler excudit. Plates 19, 37, 42, 46 also signed: Hier. Ferri (I.F.F.) fecit. 1st ed. issued: Prague, 1606. Sadeler engraved reduced copies of Du Peŕac's Vestigi dell'antichita ́di Roma plates (here no. 2-9, 11-38). Each plate includes descriptive caption. "Marcus Sadeler ... no plates engraved by him are known; active as editor. The relation with the other members of the Sadeler family is uncertain."--D. de Hoop Scheffer in Hollstein, XXI, p. 207. Citation/References Notes: Hollstein. Dutch and Flemish, XXI, 151-201. Variant titles: Vestigi delle antichita di Roma, Tivoli, Pozzuolo et altri luochi.