Luiken, Jan, 1649-1712.

Collection: Early Northern European Books

Publisher: Te Amsteldam : By F. Houttuyn

  • The online edition of this book in the public domain, i.e., not protected by copyright, has been produced by the Emory University Libraries. Signatures: A-I⁸ (versos of A1, A2, A6 blank). Added engraved title page, port. of the artist, and 51 etchings in text. T.p. vignette; tail-pieces. Not in Van Eeghen and Van der Kellen. Werk van Jan en Casper Luyken (cf. p. 734). Not in Springer and Klassen. Mennonite bib. This book, which contains a dedication to Joannes Luyken de Jonge, the grandson of the author [in the form of a poem], contains 47 prints by Jan Luyken. Of the 47 prints, 46 are new; amongst these are 4 prints started by Luyken and finished by P. Sluiter (engravings for pages 77, 81, 85, and 87), who also made the title page. According to the final words of the printed title, this work was published after the death of the author. Probably is this his last work and because of illness, Luyken was prevented to finish the work completely. The prints were original engraved in sets of twelve on one copper plate (3 rows of 4 images) and are accompanied on the top by a short title and a two-line poem, on the bottom by a six-line poem, all in book print. The book also contains 4 engravings by P. Sluiter, using drawings by Jan Luyken [Pages 73, 79, 83, 101]. Cf. van Eegen, Vol. 2, Pages 730-734. Binding: Pitts Theology Library copy bound in vellum.