Norman de Garis Davies 1865-1941.

Collection: Theology Reference

Publisher: London ; Boston, Mass. : Sold at the Offices of the Egypt Exploration Fund

  • This is volume 16, pt. 4. Tombs of Penthu, Mahu, and others, of a six part series that includes: volume 13: pt. 1. The tomb of Meryra -- volume 14: pt. 2. The tombs of Panehesy and Meryra II -- volume 15: pt. 3. The tombs of Huya and Ahmes / by N. de G. Davies ; with an appendix on the Greek graffiti by Seymour de Ricci -- volume 16: pt. 4. Tombs of Penthu, Mahu, and others -- volume 17: pt. 5. Smaller tombs and boundary stelae -- and volume 18: pt. 6. Tombs of Parennefer, Tutu, and Aÿ. These make up volumes 13-18 of the Series: Archaeological survey of Egypt. The online edition of this book in the public domain, i.e., not protected by copyright, has been produced by the Emory University Digital library Publications Program.