Nadal, Gerónimo, 1507-1580.; Ximenes, Jacobus, 1530-1596.; Wierix, Antonie, 16th cent.,; Wierix, Jeronimus, 1553-1619,; Wierix, Jan, 16th cent.,; Collaert, Adriaen, d. 1618,; Collaert, Jan, 1566-1628; Mallery, Karel van, 1571-ca. 1635,; Passeri, Bernardino, ca. 1540-1596,; Vos, Maarten de, 1532-1603,

Collection: Early Northern European Books

Publisher: Antuerpiae : Ex officina Plantiniana, apud Ioannem Moretum

  • Engraved t.p.
  • Edited by Jacobus Ximenez.
  • Signatures: *⁶ A-Z⁶ Aa-Zz⁶ AA-GG⁶ HH⁴.
  • Leaf *6 and final p. are blank.
  • Plates engraved by Antonie, Jeronimus and Jan Wierix, Adriaen and Jan Collaert, and Carel van Mallery, mostly after designs by Bernardino Passeri and Maarten de Vos. The plates are arranged in sequence by roman numerals at upper right, corresponding to the order of Gospel readings through the year. A second sequence of Arabic numerals at upper right corresponds to the order of incidents in Christ's life, by which the preliminary ed. of 1593 was arranged.
  • Backer-Sommervogel
  • Palau y Dulcet (2nd ed.)
  • Includes indexes.
  • Electronic reproduction.
  • digitized
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  • Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library copy wanting blank leaf, *6; autograph: E. Coornaert.