Columbus, Christopher.; Major, Richard Henry, 1818-1891.; Dati, Giuliano, 1445-1524.; Alvarez Chanca, Diego; Méndez, Diego, 1499-1544

Collection: General

Publisher: London : Printed for the Hakluyt Society

  • English translations, with Spanish text at foot of page.
  • Frontispiece: Chromolithograph facsimile of the St. Christopher on the map of Juan de la Cosa.
  • Introduction.--Dati, G. La lettera dellisole che ha trovato nuovamente il re dispagna. [At end] a di XXVI. doctobre. 14.93. Florentie.--Bibliography [of the Incunabula of Columbus' first letter]--First voyage: A letter sent by Columbus to Luis de Santangel chancellor of the exchequer. [Ambrosian text]--Second voyage: A letter addressed to the Chapter of Seville by Dr. Chanca.--Memorial of the results of the second voyage. 30th of January 1494.--Third voyage: Narrative of the voyage which Don Christopher Columbus made ... as he sent it to their Majesties.--Letter ... to the (quondam) nurse of the prince John, 1500.--Letter ... to the most Christian and mighty sovereigns. Jamaica, July 7, 1503.--A narrative given by Diego Mendez.
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