Arnold, Thomas, 1795-1842.

Collection: Theology Reference

Publisher: London : Longmans, Green, and Co

  • Table of contents divided into two sections; the second section appears under the heading "Sermons Preached in the Chapel of Rugby School, 1841-1842"; enumeration of chapters starts over again with sermon titled "The Privleges of Youth."
  • I. Sudden death -- II. The sign of the prophet Jonah -- III. Christ's three comings -- IV. Christian conviction -- V-VII. Christian schools -- VIII. Education and instruction.
  • I. The Privleges of youth -- II. The necessity of Christian exertion -- III. Christian fasting -- IV. Christian repentance -- V. Christian conscience -- VI. Christian responsibility -- VII. The baptismal vow -- VIII-IX. The death of sin -- X. The life of the spirit -- XI. The danger of relapse -- XII. Trust in God, and fear of God -- XIII. Meeting after sickness and death -- XIV. The teaching of Christ -- XV. Things temporal and things eternal -- XVI. The seal of the spirit -- XVII. The Christian sacrifice -- XVIII. Idolatry - XIX. Close of the Christian year -- XX. St. Thomas: faith triumphant in doubt -- XXI. The patriarchs: faith triumphant in death -- XXII. The peace of God -- XXIII. Christ's warning to the young -- XXIV. The meaning of justification by works -- XXV. Difficulties respecting justification by faith -- XXVI. The meaning of justification by faith -- XXVII. Christ's crucifixion -- XXVIII. Christ's promise -- XXIX. God and Christ and our own souls -- XXX. Our own souls without God and Christ -- XXXI. Approaching to God in Christ -- XXXII. Waiting for God in Christ -- XXXIII. The Christian's enemies -- XXXIV. The farewell warning.
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