Arnold, Thomas, 1795-1842.

Collection: Theology Reference

Publisher: London : Longmans, Green, and Co

  • I. Christ our friend -- II. The sons of God -- III. Christ our pattern -- IV. God in Christ -- V. Christian redemption -- VI. Christian communion -- VII. Christ's ascension -- VIII. Christ's absence: quiet times -- IX. Christ's advent -- X. Christ our priest -- XI. Christ our only priest -- XII. Certainty of Christ's resurrection -- XIII. Moral certainty of the true Christian's resurrection -- XIV. Conversion -- XV. Proselytism -- XVI. Christian education -- XVII. Christian professions: offering Christ our best -- XVIII. Our hope towards God -- XIX. Our hope towards God in Christ -- XX. Who are partakers in our hope -- XXI. Christian trials -- XXII. The Lord's day -- XXIII. The holy angels -- XXIV. Creeds -- XXV. Christian obedience -- XXVI. Judicial blindness -- XXVII. Christian friendship -- XXVIII. Christian patience -- XXIX. Christian thankfulness -- XXX. Outward changes -- XXXI. Inward changes -- Appendix to XI -- Appendix to XVII.
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