Lapide, Cornelius Cornelii a, 1567-1637.; Mossman, Thomas Wimberley, 1826-1885; Geikie-Cobb, William Frederick, 1857-1941.

Collection: Theology Reference

Publisher: Edinburgh : J. Grant

  • Vols. [7] and [8] translated and edited by W.F. Cobb.
  • [v. 1.] S. Matthew's gospel, chaps. 1-9. 6th ed.--[v. 2.] S. Matthew's gospel, chaps. 10-21. 4th ed.--[v. 3.] S. Matthew's gospel, chaps. 22-28. 5th ed. S. Mark's gospel.--[v. 4.] S. Luke's gospel. 4th ed.--[v. 5.] S. John's gospel, chaps. 1-11. 3rd ed.--[v. 6.] S. John's gospel, chaps. 12-21 and Epistles 1,2, and 3. 4th ed.--[v.7] I Corinthians.--[v.8] II Corinthians and Galations.
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